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Seychelles gets first ambassador from South Sudan
Seychelles has started a new chapter in its relations with South Sudan with the accreditation of the country's first ambassador to the island nation. Philip Jada Natana is the first South Sudan ambassador to Seychelles. He presented his letter of accreditation to Seychelles’ President Danny (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 29/03/2017

Residents of Seychelles' La Digue island can soon buy shares in prized L'Union Estate
Inhabitants of La Digue, Seychelles third-most populated island, will soon be eligible to buy shares in the island’s most prized and valued landmark -- L’Union Estate. Shares of L’Union Estate of around 300 hectares will be sold to La Digue Islanders starting next month. The estate is home to Anse (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 29/03/2017

New Rwandan High Commissioner to Seychelles to focus on trade, investment and tourism
Trade and investment, tourism, and institutional reforms are the main areas that the newly accredited Rwandan High Commissioner to Seychelles hopes to work on. High Commissioner Eugene Kayihura presented his letter of accreditation to the Seychelles’ President Danny Faure on Tuesday at State (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 28/03/2017

A trip to remember: Students recount adventures on Seychelles’ Aldabra Atoll
Still filled with excitement and with lots of stories to tell, a group of students has returned from a five-day trip to the Aldabra Atoll. Eleven students and their teachers went on the trip, which serves as a prize for winning the eco-school competition. The students come from Anse Etoile, (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 28/03/2017

Seychelles: Freedom of Information Bill to Be Sent to National Assembly
[Seychelles News Agency] The Seychelles' Vice-President said legislation concerning the freedom of information will go to the National Assembly for approval in April.
[AllAfrica] 27/03/2017

Lack of hotel rooms on Mahe a setback, says head of Seychelles Tourism Board
Seychelles' main island, Mahe, does not have enough hotel rooms to cater to the rising demand by tourists, the chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) said Monday. Sherin Francis said the hotel room shortage is especially constraining tourist demand from France, which is now (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 27/03/2017

Freedom of information bill to be sent to Seychelles’ National Assembly, Vice-President says
The Seychelles' Vice-President said legislation concerning the freedom of information will go to the National Assembly for approval in April. The update from Vice-President Vincent Meriton was part of a conversation with reporters on Friday about several topics, including investment and (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 27/03/2017

Seychelles hosts first poetry festival: Bling Bling nod
A fusion of words, mimes and music combined to make Seychelles' first poetry festival. Launched last week as part of the activities to commemorate World Poetry Day, the festival under the title Bling Bling nod aims at promoting poetry, a form of art which is not as popular as other creative (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 27/03/2017

Seychelles: 'Unsinkable' Vessel With Storied History to Be Restored to Former Glory
[Seychelles News Agency] The 'Isle of Farquhar,' a three-masted schooner that is currently in a dilapidated state, is soon to be restored to its former glory, according to its owner.
[AllAfrica] 26/03/2017

Seychelles: New EU-Funded Fishery Project Underway On Island
[Seychelles News Agency] A European Union-funded project to build a fish market and gear store on La Digue, the third-most populated island of Seychelles, has begun.
[AllAfrica] 24/03/2017

Seychelles’ President sends condolences following terror attack in London
The Seychelles' President expressed condolences on Thursday following a terror attack in central London at the very heart of Britain and its Government, claiming lives and injuring many others. In his message to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, President Danny Faure said that the Government of (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 23/03/2017

Big, big fish: Grouper caught in Seychelles could set world record
A 22-year-old world record could be broken by a fish caught in Seychelles’ waters, the local representative of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) said earlier this week. The fish – a blue-and-yellow grouper -- was caught by angler Nawaf Sultan Al Madeed, who comes from Doha, Qatar. (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 23/03/2017

5 beauty queens from Miss Seychelles Another World
The Miss Seychelles beauty pageant has been a tradition since the beginning of 1968. It is a platform which embodies the unique personality and beauty of the young ladies in Seychelles, a group of 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean. After a four-year absence, the pageant was relaunched by (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 23/03/2017

Seychelles appoints global diplomatic corps in embassies
The Department of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday announced the rotation plan and appointments of the heads of Seychelles' diplomatic missions abroad. Foreign Secretary Claude Morel said that the new appointments “have been efficiently undertaken to place Seychelles in a position that will reap (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 22/03/2017

Seychelles plants 400 palm trees as part of Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy initiative
To mark the end of Commonwealth week, a tree planting activity was held in one of Seychelles’ national parks, contributing to the number of trees being planted in the country under the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy (QCC) initiative. Staff from the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 22/03/2017

New chief of PetroSeychelles sets oil exploration at the top of agenda
Bringing back oil companies to restart active exploration in the Seychelles’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is at the top of the agenda of the new chief executive of PetroSeychelles. Patrick Joseph took office on March 1 as the head of the PetroSeychelles -- the national oil company which was set (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 21/03/2017

A love story with Seychelles: Claude Pavard celebrates 40 years of island enchantment
In his recently launched publication on the Seychelles, well-known French cinema director, photographer and reporter Claude Pavard recalls what he has seen and discovered throughout his voyages to the islands. “The book illustrates different aspects of the Creole way of life and that of (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 21/03/2017

Big batteries needed: Increase in renewable energy in Seychelles shows need for energy storage
As the amount of renewable energy being produced in this island nation increases, the Seychelles’ Public Utility Corporation (PUC) is seeking professional expertise to conduct a study to evaluate the optimal battery storage size to maintain the stability of the national electricity grid. PUC’s (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 20/03/2017

Campaign for a healthier, more active Seychelles gaining steam
As Seychelles' health authorities lead a campaign of ‘Bouze’ -- meaning move with the aim of having a healthier nation -- more locals and visitors are becoming engaged in outdoor physical activities. The head of the promotional health unit in the Ministry of Health, George Madeleine, who is also (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 20/03/2017

Vulnerable Seychelles Black Parrot hatchlings take to the skies
Every year in the palm forests of Praslin, the second-largest island on the archipelago of Seychelles, a group of birds is monitored very closely during their breeding and hatching seasons. This shy greyish-brown parrot - perhaps overenthusiastically named as the Seychelles Black Parrot (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 19/03/2017

Fishing industry: Seychelles' economy will suffer if tuna catch rules are followed
The economy of Seychelles will be negatively affected if the country conforms to the decision of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) to use 2014 as the reference year to reduce yellowfin tuna catch by 15 percent, officials in the island nation's fishing industry said Friday Officials have (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 18/03/2017

Seychelles’ national airline welcomes new Twin Otters
Seychelles' national carrier Air Seychelles welcomed the first of two new Twin Otter aircraft into its domestic fleet on Friday. The Twin Otter DHC-6 400 aircraft, which was assembled in Canada and took eight days to reach Seychelles, has been named “Isle of Praslin” after the second-largest (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 17/03/2017

Seychelles' juvenile giant tortoises electronically tagged to deter poachers
Trials to implant micro-chips on fist-sized giant tortoises are underway on Curieuse Island as the Seychelles National Park Authority (SNPA) implements new measures to prevent illegal trading of juvenile tortoises. The small microchips, which are usually implanted in adults, are now being used (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 17/03/2017

Exhibition highlighting British leaders' role in developing Seychelles opens
Have you ever wondered what Seychelles would be like today if it had not been under British colonial rule? An exhibition that opened Thursday at the National Archives might help you with the answer. The exhibition showcases the different civil commissioners and governors who worked in (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 16/03/2017

Container homes could be an affordable abode for Seychelles' residents
Although authorities in Seychelles continue to develop housing programmes, meeting the demand for affordable houses still remains a challenge in the island nation. A container home could be one affordable option, according to First Choice Realty, which is managed by Richard Ernestine and (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 16/03/2017

Ancient beauties: 4 plantation homes in Seychelles built in French colonial style
Traditional architecture in Seychelles is disappearing, though some measures have been taken to preserve history by turning that architecture into national monuments. Historian Tony Mathiot said the first traditional Creole structures were designed and built by some of the 70 French Jacobins (...)
[Seychelles News Agency] 16/03/2017

Seychelles: Alzheimer's Patients Are Not 'Crazy' - NGO
[Seychelles News Agency] The founder of Seychelles Alzheimer's Foundation (SAF) would like to see people suffering from the disease being better taken care of and understood.
[AllAfrica] 15/03/2017

MTN blocks suspected Wangiri fraudster, calls for alert
The Seychelles number, which called several mobile users, has been blocked by Swazi MTN.
[Swazi Observer] 12/03/2017

Seychelles: 16 Malagasy Citizens Remain Detained in Seychelles
[Seychelles News Agency] The Seychelles' Department of Immigration confirmed on Monday that 16 Malagasy citizens flagged by officials while on transit last week are still in the country.
[AllAfrica] 06/03/2017

Seychelles: Making the Deep Blue Sea Green Again
[IPS] United Nations -Kids growing up in the Seychelles think of the ocean as their backyard, says Ronald Jean Jumeau, Seychelles' ambassador for climate change and SIDS.
[AllAfrica] 04/03/2017

Seychelles: Blue Bonds Worth U.S.$15 Million to Benefit Fisheries Industry
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -The government of Seychelles plans to issue a blue bond valued at $15 million over 10 years with guarantees from the World Bank and the Global Environment Facility to support the transition to sustainable (...)
[AllAfrica] 01/03/2017

Africa's most powerful and weakest passports
Seychelles and Rwanda are the biggest gainers in Africa with their passports strengthening the most.
[East Africa News Post] 16/02/2017

Mauritius: Australia offers 'Aid for Trade Training' to SMEs in Indian Ocean States
Port-Louis, Mauritius (PANA) - Mauritius and Australia on Tuesday launched a specialised “Aid for Trade Training Course” for SMEs in Indian Ocean States designed to target the capacity building and human resource development for operators in Mauritius, Madagascar, Mozambique, Seychelles and (...)
[Panapress] 15/02/2017

Seychelles: Court Flays Judge for 'Mind-boggling' Orders in Election Case
[Legalbrief] Never have I read an Appeal Court judgment trouncing a judge's actions in such stringent terms - the decision took my breath away.
[AllAfrica] 07/02/2017

Eritrea, Arcipelago Dahlak, guida di Vincenzo Meleca
Vincenzo Meleca, avvocato, prestato al mare per passione, ha scritto una guida sull’Arcipelago delle Dahlak, in Eritrea. Se chiedete ai vostri amici dov’è l’Arcipelago Dahlak, vi risponderanno: “Arcipelgo Dahlak? Cos’è ?” Tutti conoscono Maldive o Seychelles, pochissimi l’Arcipelago delle Dahlak....
[Eritrea Live] 15/11/2016 all news from Africa. Africa news & newspapers online
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