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East Africa: Kenya School of Law Ordered to Admit Ugandans
[Monitor] The Kenya High Court in Nairobi has quashed a decision by the Kenya School of Law (KSL) barring Ugandan, South Sudanese, Tanzanian, Rwandan and Burundian students from enrolling for KSL's Advocates Training Programme (...)
[AllAfrica] 21/02/2017

Uganda: When Is Uganda Going to Sit Down and Record Its History?
[Monitor] Commemoration of the death of the Anglican Archbishop of the Province of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Boga Zaire which occurred on the February 16 1977, brought to the mind something very intriguing.
[AllAfrica] 21/02/2017

Rwanda: Govt Counting on Trump to Repeal Conflict Minerals Rule
[East African] Rwanda is counting on US President Donald Trump coming good on his intention to suspend a law that bars companies from handling conflict minerals to save the country more than $4 million spent annually on compliance.
[AllAfrica] 21/02/2017

Rwanda: Rwandan Volleyball Federation president arrested for alleged corruption
Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - The newly elected President of Rwanda Volleyball Federation, Gustave Nkurunziza, is the latest sports official being investigated for bribes and mismanagement of funds allocated through Olympic Solidarity programmes, a reliable source confirmed on Tuesday to PANA in (...)
[Panapress] 21/02/2017

Rwanda: Tuesday's forex rates for Rwandan Franc
Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - The following are Tuesday's foreign exchange rates for the Rwandan Franc, as issued by the National Bank of Rwanda. Economy
[Panapress] 21/02/2017

Rwanda: Govt, India Sign Three Bilateral Deals
[New Times] President Paul Kagame yesterday received Indian Vice-President Shri Hamid Ansari, who paid him a courtesy call at Village Urugwiro.
[AllAfrica] 21/02/2017

Rwanda: Former Rwanda minister of mines released from custody
Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - A Rwandan court has ordered the release from custody of former minister of State for Mining, Evode Imena, who has been held for three weeks over allegations that he gave favours to his close friends to win mining contracts, a judicial source confirmed on Tuesday in (...)
[Panapress] 21/02/2017

Early harvest eases food prices in Rwanda
The year-long drought effects led to a rise in prices of basic foods.
[East Africa News Post] 20/02/2017

Rwanda: India to open embassy in Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - India will soon open an embassy in Kigali, the visiting Vice President of India, Mohammad Hamid Ansari, revealed on Monday when he paid a courtesy call on Rwandan President Paul Kagame. Politics
[Panapress] 20/02/2017

Rwanda: India's VP visits Rwanda
Kigali,Rwanda (PANA) - The Vice President of India, Mohammad Hamid Ansari, arrived here late Sunday to start a state visit to Rwanda, an official source confirmed Monday in Kigali. Politics
[Panapress] 20/02/2017

East Africa: Burundi Peace Talks 'Marred By Hurdles'
[Citizen] Arusha/Kigali -Reconciliation talks between the warring parties in Burundi ended here yesterday with the facilitator, Retired President Benjamin Mkapa, admitting there were still some hurdles in the process.
[AllAfrica] 20/02/2017

Rwanda: Monday's forex rates for Rwandan Franc
Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - The following are Monday's foreign exchange rates for the Rwandan Franc, as issued by the National Bank of Rwanda.
[Panapress] 20/02/2017

Rwanda: Indian Vice President's Visit to Strengthen Ties
[New Times] The Vice-President of India, Shri M Hamid Ansari, arrived in the country yesterday on a three-day visit that will see him interact with high-level officials, students, and take part in a business forum.
[AllAfrica] 20/02/2017

Rwanda: Govt Mulls HIV Self-Testing Kit
[New Times] The Ministry of Health is planning to introduce an HIV self-testing (HIVST) service to supplement existing testing services such as health facility-based or mobile voluntary testing and counselling.
[AllAfrica] 20/02/2017

East Africa countries unveil joint tourism portal
Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda have launched an online portal in a bid to market the region’s as a single tourist destination.
[East Africa News Post] 20/02/2017

Is Trump’s plan to repeal conflict minerals rule a gift for Rwanda?
Critics say that a suspension of the law will increase instability in countries like DR Congo.
[East Africa News Post] 20/02/2017

Rwanda: Women Drumming Away the Trauma of Genocide
[East African] For Marta, joining Rwanda's first female drumming troupe, Ingoma Nshya -- a co-operative of formed 10 years after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi -- has helped her cope with the trauma of losing her husband in the (...)
[AllAfrica] 20/02/2017

Uganda: Janani Luwum - the Ever Passionate Evangelist
[Monitor] Janani Luwum, the former Archbishop of Church of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Boga-Zaire, was a man known for many things, including preaching the word of God.
[AllAfrica] 20/02/2017

Rwandan farmers ask for help as drought bites
Following months of prolonged drought in the country’s Eastern province, residents are seeking government assistance to accelerate expansion of water schemes.
[East Africa News Post] 19/02/2017

Use of old coffee varieties hinders Rwanda's exports growth
Rwanda's agriculture export authority has projected higher coffee earnings for the new fiscal year, despite productivity obstacles that hinder output.
[East Africa News Post] 19/02/2017

Jazz festival to feature Kenyan artiste Christine
Christine’s performance will be the first for a Kenyan in the Kigali Jazz Junction.
[East Africa News Post] 19/02/2017

Lack of road space could derail plans for cyclist lanes in Rwanda
Officials say the cost of accommodating alternative transport modes like bicycles on existing roads is proving to be too high.
[East Africa News Post] 19/02/2017

Construction of Kigali Cultural Village begins
According to the Rwanda Development Board the village is aimed at ‘making Kigali a tourism destination for both local and international tourists’.
[East Africa News Post] 19/02/2017

Ujenge tenants await decision by Ecobank Rwanda to liquidate estate
The $12.6 million project hit a snag last year after an impasse between proprietor Patrick Sebatigita and Ecobank and Shelter Afrique.
[East Africa News Post] 19/02/2017

Rwanda moves to protect its coffee, tea revenues
Top on the agenda is encouraging farmers to irrigate the crops, mulch them and increase the number of coffee washing stations.
[East Africa News Post] 19/02/2017

Rwanda banks could hike fees as income on interest dips
On average, banks in the country generate 20 per cent of their revenue from fees and commissions — a level they say is low compared with regional banks
[East Africa News Post] 19/02/2017

East Africa: Rwanda, Burundi Row 'Hurting' the Region
[Citizen] Kigali -Strained relations between Burundi and Rwanda continue to hurt some operations of the East African Community (EAC), including failure by officials of either side to attend a regional meeting on another state.
[AllAfrica] 18/02/2017

Women drumming away the trauma of genocide
Culturally, Rwandan women were not allowed to touch drums.
[East Africa News Post] 18/02/2017

Health, fitness at SoHo Centre
After moving back to Rwanda in 2015, Yannick Ntwali founded the SoHo fitness centre late last year.
[East Africa News Post] 18/02/2017

Rwanda: Agri-Business Getting Youth Attention
[New Times] Rwanda's agriculture and livestock sector has long been characterised by an ageing farming population whose average age is 55 years. As a result, innovation, creativity and technology adaptation as well as skills transfer has been slow, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and (...)
[AllAfrica] 18/02/2017

Rwanda: A-Level Star Performers Narrate Their Success Stories
[New Times] Hard work, sleepless nights, faith, support from teachers and parents are some of the factors some of the star performers in the recently released Advanced Level examinations cited for their success.
[AllAfrica] 18/02/2017

Kigali: Research calls for new approach to youth employment in Africa
By Bernard Omondi Innovative research released today by The MasterCard Foundation is making the case for a new approach to youth employment training strategies in Africa. Invisible Lives: Understanding Youth Livelihoods in Ghana and Uganda, released today at the Young Africa Works Summit in Kigali, Rwanda, sheds light...
[The African Business Fortune] 17/02/2017

Rwanda: Friday's forex rates for Rwandan Franc
Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - The following are Friday's foreign exchange rates for the Rwandan Franc, as issued by the National Bank of Rwanda. Economy
[Panapress] 17/02/2017

Rwanda: Girls Outshine Boys in A-Level Results
[New Times] Girls did better than their male counterparts in general performance in the 2016 Advanced Level examinations, results released by the Ministry of Education yesterday show.
[AllAfrica] 17/02/2017

Crowdfunding rules will simplify, grow local lending
Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda are yet to have regulations governing this alternative lending model.
[East Africa News Post] 17/02/2017

Private firm to manage Rwanda’s referral hospital
The new managers are expected to upgrade the hospital’s services and facilities to international standards.
[East Africa News Post] 16/02/2017

Rwanda: Belgium offers €10 million for Rwanda's electricity supply project
Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - Belgium will extend a €10 million grant to Rwanda for increased public access to electricity services under a financing deal signed in Kigali on Thursday. Economy
[Panapress] 16/02/2017

Rwanda: Thursday's forex rates for Rwandan Franc
Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - The following are Thursday's foreign exchange rates for the Rwandan Franc, as issued by the National Bank of Rwanda. Economy
[Panapress] 16/02/2017

Rwandan activists want laws against rape harmonised
Civil society in Rwanda wants punishments over all rape related cases in the country’s penal code harmonised.
[East Africa News Post] 16/02/2017

Rwanda to seek fresh extradition of genocide fugitive in Malawi
Malawi says it has no treaty with Kigali to allow for extradition.
[East Africa News Post] 16/02/2017

Africa's most powerful and weakest passports
Seychelles and Rwanda are the biggest gainers in Africa with their passports strengthening the most.
[East Africa News Post] 16/02/2017

Rwanda: Trump Likely to Be Indifferent About Govt's Past
[The Conversation Africa] American foreign policy in East and Central Africa has remained relatively consistent since the 1990s. The Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations worked with what President Bill Clinton called a "new generation" of African leaders to stabilise the continent and (...)
[AllAfrica] 16/02/2017

Rwanda: New Bill Governing Police Passed
[New Times] Legislators have approved the new draft law determining the powers, responsibilities, organisation and functioning of the Rwanda National Police Force, replacing the 2010 legislation.
[AllAfrica] 16/02/2017

Rwanda: Early Release of Genocide Convicts Faulted
[New Times] The Chief Prosecutor of the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (MICT), Dr Serge Brammertz, has added his voice against early release of persons convicted of participating in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, calling the victims' concerns (...)
[AllAfrica] 16/02/2017

Trial of Rwandan terror suspects suspended
44 Rwandans are accused of radicalising youth and having links to terrorist groups.
[East Africa News Post] 15/02/2017

Gambia: President Barrow appoints former UN prosecutor as chief Justice
Banjul, Gambia (PANA) - Gambian President Adama Barrow has appointed former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), Justice Hassan Bubacar Jallow as the country's Chief Justice. Society
[Panapress] 15/02/2017

Corrupt cops: Why highway drama won’t put a brake on them
Many Rwandan officers are sacked every year, but the vice has not been eliminated.
[East Africa News Post] 15/02/2017

Rwanda: Rwanda, MICT strengthen cooperation in information sharing
Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - The United Nations Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (MICT) and the Rwanda Public Prosecution Authority on Wednesday agreed to step up cooperation through investigation information sharing on Rwandans suspected of being involved in the 1994 genocide. (...)
[Panapress] 15/02/2017

Rwanda: Draft Law on New Tax for Financing AU Approved
[East African] Rwanda has introduced a new law enabling the levying of a tax on imported goods, with proceeds going to the financing of the African Union.
[AllAfrica] 15/02/2017

Rwanda: University of Rwanda Rises in World Ranking
[New Times] University of Rwanda administration has commended improvement registered in the latest Webometrics Ranking of World Universities.
[AllAfrica] 15/02/2017 all news from Africa. Africa news & newspapers online
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