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Monya is Miss Debutant 2017!
Monya is Miss Debutant 2017! Monya Louw was announced Miss Debutant 2017 for the Miss Teen Namibia pageant this year. Her prize included a trip to Sun City, South Africa, to watch the Miss South Africa 2017 pageant live. "I'm privileged and honoured to be selected as Miss Debutant 2017," (...)
[Republikein] 30/03/2017

Namibian attends Sports Management course
Namibian attends Sports Management course The organising, financing and marketing of sports, as well as event and human resources management, are crucial pillars for the growth and success of sports in a country. As part of the foreign cultural and educational policy of the German Foreign (...)
[Republikein] 30/03/2017

Contribution to TB-campaign
Contribution to TB-campaign The Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCPT) through its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme has donated N$50 000 to the Ministry of Health and Social Services with the aim to enhance the quality of life of Namibians in their fight against tuberculosis (...)
[Republikein] 30/03/2017

Maltas making a difference
Maltas making a difference This year's nominees for the University of ­Namibia's (Unam) prestigious Maltas Club paid a ­courtesy visit to the children's cancer ward at the Windhoek Central Hospital. They treated the little ones with food, drinks and gifts in commemoration of Namibia's­ 27th (...)
[Republikein] 30/03/2017

Harley-Davidson goes all-in this weekend
Harley-Davidson goes all-in this weekend Yochanaan Coetzee Harley-Davidson Windhoek is officially opening this Saturday. To celebrate this momentous occasion, they'll be roaring through the capital as part of the wonderful Wika parade and then set off on a Poker Run around town. At 16:30 (...)
[Republikein] 30/03/2017

Our bitter past
Our bitter past BAB FROM //KHARAS WRITES: Hi Namibians, are we really so oblivious about the bitter past of our own liberation struggle? Can the ruling party Swapo today dare to take a Government or institution to the International Court of Justice in The Hague? This is mind-boggling. Do we (...)
[Republikein] 30/03/2017

Jong Möwes palm twee titels in
Jong Möwes palm twee titels inTafeltennis As topgekeurde speler moes Wayne Green dié keer tweede viool speel. Die Namibiese Tafeltennisvereniging (NTTV) het die afgelope naweek sy openingskampioenskap vir die seisoen in Windhoek aangebied waar Dietrich Möwes met die junior sowel as senior (...)
[Republikein] 30/03/2017

Otjimuise-hofsaak uitgestel
Otjimuise-hofsaak uitgestel Regter Shafimana Ueitele het vanmiddag laat in die Windhoek hoërhof in 'n dringende aansoek gebring deur me. Christine Likuwa en 14 ander teen die Windhoek Munispaliteit en die stadspolisie, beslis dat die respondente geen verdere plakkershuise in 7de Laan, Otjomuise (...)
[Republikein] 29/03/2017

Job help huisloses
Job help huisloses Mev. Christine Iikuwa en nog 14 ander het vanmiddag 'n aansoek in die hoërhof in Windhoek gebring vir 'n bevel wat die Windhoek munisipaliteit en die stadspolisie sal verhoed om voort te gaan om sonder 'n hofbevel hul huise in Sewende Laan, Otjimuise te sloop. Hulle vra ook (...)
[Republikein] 29/03/2017

NPL clubs have no choice but to play Debmarine Cup
Otniel Hembapu Windhoek-The leadership of the temporarily defunct Namibia Premier League (NPL) and that of the Namibia Football Association (NFA) on Saturday held a marathon closed-door meeting where the future of Namibia’s premiership football was discussed, including the fate of the Debmarine (...)
[New Era] 29/03/2017

Top African cyclists headed to Namibia for Nedbank CC Series
Staff Reporter Windhoek Pieter du Toit, Mariske Strauss and Cherie Redecker are among some of the top South African cyclists who will partake in this weekend’s Nedbank XC Cross Country Series. The Union Cyclist International (UCI) classified race will also see top cyclists from Lesotho, such as (...)
[New Era] 29/03/2017

Bank Windhoek Unit Trusts changes to Capricorn Unit Trusts
Staff Reporter Windhoek-Capricorn Asset Management has confirmed that the name of Bank Windhoek Unit Trusts changed to Capricorn Unit Trusts on Monday, March 27. In addition, a new logo has been revealed to coincide with the name change. “This change in name and the new logo, which aligns our (...)
[New Era] 29/03/2017

20 percent budget cut won’t deter Roads Authority
Edgar Brandt Windhoek-Even though the total budgetary allocation for the Roads Authority (RA) during the 2017/18 financial year is almost 20 percent less than it received the previous year, it will continue with massive upgrading works and ongoing maintenance of the country’s roads. In the (...)
[New Era] 29/03/2017

Double murder accused complains about poor prison diet
Maria Amakali Windhoek-Double murder convict and businessman Julius Dausab thought he could sway the court into handing him a lighter sentence by complaining about his health and the food served in prison. Dausab was found guilty in the Windhoek High Court of intentionally gunning down and (...)
[New Era] 29/03/2017

Revamp of Psemas in progress
Alvine Kapitako Windhoek-The Public Service Employees Medical Aid Scheme (Psemas) is being revamped to make it sustainable and less susceptible to fraudulent claims, the Ministry of Health and Social Services said on Monday. According to media reports, Psemas has been turned into a milking cow (...)
[New Era] 29/03/2017

Speaker to lead Namibian MPs to IPU
George Sanzila Windhoek Speaker of the National Assembly Peter Katjavivi is leading a delegation from Parliament to the 136th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly to be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from April 1 to 5. The IPU Assembly is a global organization of parliaments that brings together (...)
[New Era] 29/03/2017

Frequency of TB cases a concern – health minister
Malakia Nashongo Opuwo-Thousands of Namibians flocked to the mountain town of Opuwo last Friday to commemorate World Tuberculosis (TB) Day that was held under the theme ‘United to End TB.’ World TB Day, which is commemorated on March 24 each year, provides an opportunity to update the nation on (...)
[New Era] 29/03/2017

Another Chinese nabbed in N$3.5bn fraud
Another Chinese nabbed in N$3.5bn fraud Another Chinese man was arrested by members of the Namibian Police's serious crime investigations unit in connection with alleged tax evasion, fraud and money laundering involving N$3.5 billion. Court documents show that Zhihua Gua was arrested on Monday (...)
[Namibian Sun] 29/03/2017

Struggle icons remember Kathrada
Struggle icons remember Kathrada Namibian struggle icon Andimba Toivo ya Toivo says the legacy of ANC veteran Ahmed Kathrada will live on for many years. Kathrada died in a Johannesburg hospital yesterday after a short illness following brain surgery. He was 87. Ya Toivo said Kathrada had (...)
[Namibian Sun] 29/03/2017

Rhino horns disguised as coffee
Rhino horns disguised as coffee A poaching syndicate operating in Namibia is apparently posting rhino horns to China in parcels purportedly containing coffee. Twelve pieces of rhino horn mailed from Namibia were seized by Hong Kong customs officers last week. The horns, weighing 6.6kg, were (...)
[Namibian Sun] 29/03/2017

Poachers hit Indongo's farm again
Poachers hit Indongo's farm again The number of rhinos killed by poachers this year has risen to five after two more carcasses were found on the farm Okanenampanti belonging to businessman Frans Indongo. Environment ministry spokesman Romeo Muyunda yesterday confirmed these figures to Namibian (...)
[Namibian Sun] 29/03/2017

NDTC clarifies Sightholder issue
NDTC clarifies Sightholder issueThere are currently 11 NDTC Sightholders Although NDTC enters into 3 year supply agreements with its customers, Sightholders can be added at any point during this 3 year period provided they meet NDTC’s customer selection criteria. The partnership between Namibia (...)
[Namibian Sun] 29/03/2017

N$419k required for a house
N$419k required for a houseWindhoek the priciest place to build in Building material prices have risen by 32.5% in the past six years, with bricks nearly doubling in price. First Capital has established that it costs about N$419 231 to build a three-bedroom house in Windhoek, N$387 060 at (...)
[Namibian Sun] 29/03/2017

Ekuthomo lyomapunda lya londa moshilongo
Ekuthomo lyomapunda lya londa moshilongo Ominista yUundjolowele nOnkalonawa, Bernhard Haufiku okwa popi kutya ethimbo olya thikana opo Namibia a shunepo oonkundathana kombinga yekuthomo lyomategelelo moshilongo, konima sho aakiintu ya thika po- 7 100 oya pangwa miipangelo yepangelo omvula ya (...)
[Namibian Sun] 29/03/2017

Malaria ota ka sindika
Malaria ota ka sindika Etaandelo lyomukithi gwomalaria unene monooli yoshilongo otali ka yiwa moshipala shalandula komuloka ngoka gwa shuna pevi, niipotha iipe yomukithi otayi endelelwa po meendelelo. Ominista yUundjolowele nOnkalonawa moNamibia, Omundohotola Bernhard Haufiku, okwa koleke kutya (...)
[Namibian Sun] 29/03/2017

UCI cycling race gains momentum
UCI cycling race gains momentum Top African cyclists have confirmed their participation in the Union Cyclist International-classified (UCI) race in Namibia this weekend. Pieter du Toit, Mariske Strauss and Cherie Redecker are among some of the top South African cyclists who will be taking part (...)
[Namibian Sun] 29/03/2017

Congolese eyes Hitman scalp
Congolese eyes Hitman scalpUgandan wants to win Namibian hearts A night of incredible boxing is drawing closer after the MTC Nestor 'Sunshine' Tobias Boxing and Fitness Academy introduced the opponents chosen for their fighters. Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) Benoit Makangali Vela (...)
[Namibian Sun] 29/03/2017

Woman Who Saved Her Husband From A Crocodile Attack Gets An Award
Woman Who Saved Her Husband From A Crocodile Attack Gets An Award A 29-year old woman after recounting how she saved her husband from a crocodile attack in Kavango River in Namibia, gets awarded. Elizabeth Shintangu narrates the deadly experience, saying she never thought a day like would ever (...)
[Buzz Nigeria] 28/03/2017

Top African cyclist in Namibia for UCI race
By Sports Reporter NAMIBIA will play host to some of Africa’s finest cyclists who are expected to compete in the Nedbank XC 1UCI category One in the capital. A media release by Nedbank states that Pieter du Toit, Mariske Strauss and Cherie Redecker are amongst some of the top South African (...)
[Confidénte] 28/03/2017

Poaching fight intensifies
Poaching fight intensifiesEnvironment ministry to engage rhino owners The ministry will meet with all private rhino owners in an effort to stop rhino poaching on commercial farms In an effort to curb the escalating poaching in Namibia, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism has come up with a (...)
[Namibian Sun] 28/03/2017

Second stock exchange bid fails
Second stock exchange bid fails A second bid to compel the Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority (Namifisa) through the High Court to grant a licence for the establishment of a second stock exchange was dismissed yesterday. The first application by NamFin-X was dismissed on the (...)
[Namibian Sun] 28/03/2017

Malaria outbreak close to containment
Malaria outbreak close to containment The widespread malaria outbreak ravaging the northern parts of Namibia should be contained within the next two months as the rains recede and new cases are treated quickly and effectively. The minister of health and social services, Dr Bernhard Haufiku, (...)
[Namibian Sun] 28/03/2017

A battle of ideas or generations?
A battle of ideas or generations? It is now clear, and it cannot be a secret, that generational antagonism has reached great proportions in Namibia. This is more pronounced particularly in our body politic. In the blue corner you have a liberating generation that has remained in power since day (...)
[Namibian Sun] 28/03/2017

Ohorongo Cement rewards top student
Ohorongo Cement rewards top student Ohorongo Cement awarded a bursary worth N$80 000 to a mechanical engineering student studying at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust). Sackaria Nakamela, a former learner at Haufiku Haimbili Secondary School who is now in his third year, (...)
[Namibian Sun] 28/03/2017

Fighting for LGBTI rights
Fighting for LGBTI rightsORN takes the lead Out-Right Namibian has upped its drive to raise awareness of the rights of LGBTIs to ensure that no Namibians are discriminated against irrespective of their sexual orientation and gender identity. Established in 2010 after the closure of the (...)
[Namibian Sun] 28/03/2017

Namibian woman honoured for saving husband from crocodile
A Namibian woman has been awarded a trophy for bravery by police after saving her husband from the jaws of a crocodile, the newspaper The Namibian reported Monday. Elizabeth Shintangu, now 29, was doing laundry in the Kavango River near Rundu in the north-east while her husband, Matheus Kativa, (...)
[The Nation] 27/03/2017

Namibia: Police Award Woman for Fighting Crocodile
[Namibian] A RUNDU woman who fought a crocodile off her husband last year in the Kavango River was awarded a trophy for bravery by the Kavango East police.
[AllAfrica] 27/03/2017

WOB go top of women's log
THE Indoor Hockey Women's Premier League is heading for an exciting finish, after Windhoek Old Boys (WOB) scored two emphatic victories to take over at the top of the log. WOB lead the log on 23 points - one point ahead of Unam, who also recorded two victories, while former leaders Saints (...)
[Shipi FM] 27/03/2017

Namibia end campaign on winning note
NAMIBIA ended their 2017 Cricket South Africa series on a high note when they beat Boland by 77 runs in their One Day Challenge in Paarl on Sunday. Namibia scored 234 runs for eight wickets off their 50 overs and then dismissed the whole Boland side for 157 runs. Boland won the toss and sent (...)
[Shipi FM] 27/03/2017

SA and Namibia’s human rights’ struggles
SA and Namibia’s human rights’ struggles
Perhaps the fact that the two neighbours shared a public holiday on March 21 is more than a mere coincidence of dates, writes Victor Kgomoeswana.
[IOL] 26/03/2017

Otandi kongo omuntu talanditha embo ndjo BIOLOGY FOR NAMIBIA
Otandi kongo omuntu talanditha embo ndjo biology ndi enene ano BIOLOGY FOR NAMIBIA,Nalikale nee lina o400 ngele oyindji. Ngu ena nandhengele ko nunmber 0813656816 Section: For Sale
[Shipi FM] 25/03/2017

A 39-year-old man on Thursday allegedly stabbed his younger brother at the Okaandi village
A 39-year-old man on Thursday allegedly stabbed his younger brother at the Okaandi village in the Onesi Constituency and handed himself over to police the following day. Namibian Police Force Spokesperson in the Omusati Region, Lineekela Shikongo confirmed the incident to Nampa on Friday, (...)
[Shipi FM] 24/03/2017

Namibia: Grown Up After a Generation Into Independence, but Not Yet Mature
[The Conversation Africa] Visitors to "the land of wide open spaces", as Namibia is successfully promoted to tourists, will be impressed by what they see. Besides the beauty of the nature and abundant wildlife, the urban face of inner cities appeals to foreigners who treasure security and (...)
[AllAfrica] 24/03/2017

REWIND: 'I'm tired,' says Mugabe
REWIND: 'I'm tired,' says Mugabe
PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday admitted that his busy travelling schedule was now taking its toll on him because he only slept for two hours after arriving from Namibia before heading for Kutama Mi...
[Bulawayo24] 24/03/2017

NBL’s beer production in SA reaches peak
Namibia Stock Exchange listed brewer, Namibia Breweries Limited’s (NBL), beer production volumes in South Africa, have surpassed the 450,000 hectolitre mark, Managing Director, Wessie van der Westhuizen, said last week. Read More (...)
[Observer] 24/03/2017

Sixty-two graduate from IOL
Windhoek-The Institute for Open Learning held its 10th graduation ceremony where 62 students graduated in various courses. Students graduated in International Computer Driving Licence, policing pre- qualification, certificate in policing, (...)
[Namibia News Digest] 24/03/2017

Prison murder accused fume over postponement
Three convicts who stand accused of killing a fellow inmate became furious in the Windhoek High Court yesterday after one of their defence counsels did not show up in court, …
[Namibia News Digest] 24/03/2017

Namibia marks World Water Day
Namibia yesterday observed World Wetlands Day and World Water Day under the theme 'healthy wetlands and innovative water and wastewater management for enhanced livelihoods.' Many parts of the world are …
[Namibia News Digest] 24/03/2017

Ministerie ondersteun jeugprojekte
Ministerie ondersteun jeugprojekte Maria Eiseb Die ministerie van sport, jeug en nasionale diens het onlangs in Windhoek bekend gemaak dat dit sowat 121 jeugprojekte gaan ondersteun. Dié projekte gaan deur jongmense behartig word wat opleiding by die Nasionale Jeugdiens op Rietfontein ontvang (...)
[Republikein] 23/03/2017

Munisipale bus val om
Munisipale bus val om 'n Munisipale busbestuurder van Windhoek se voet was vir meer as twee ure onder 'n bus vasgeklem voor die bus uiteindelik gelig kon word. Die bus het na bewering Donderdag omstreeks 06:30 op 'n nat Sam Nujoma-rylaan gegly en op sy sy beland. Dit het 26 passasiers en die (...)
[Republikein] 23/03/2017 all news from Africa. Africa news & newspapers online
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