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Burundi News
Burundi News
Kenya: Involve victims to prevent conflicts, Great Lakes Region told
Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) - As Burundi and South Sudan teeter on the verge of renewed conflict, with warnings of possible genocides, governments in the region should involve victims in preventing conflicts, according to a report released Tuesday. (...)
[Panapress] 28/03/2017

Burundi: Movement Against President Nkurunziza's Third Term Goes Non-Violent
[Iwacu] The movement "Halte au Troisième Mandat" [Halt to the Third Term], a collective of Civil Society Organizations campaigning against President Nkurunziza's "unconstitutional" third term, has launched this Sunday 26 March a programme of education to active non-violence to help actors (...)
[AllAfrica] 28/03/2017

Mayanga mfumo uleule
KOCHA Mkuu wa Taifa Stars, Salum Mayanga amesema katika mchezo wa kirafiki wa kesho dhidi ya Burundi atatumia mfumo ule ule aliotumia kuwaua Botswana wikiendi iliyopita.
[Mwananchi] 27/03/2017

Burundi: 'Corpse Phenomenon' On Greater Scale
[Iwacu] Lifeless bodies are discovered all over the country. Some human rights activists speak of a revival of murderous violence of a political and ethnic nature and count about sixty corpses. For the police, this phenomenon would be linked to vengeance, banditry or (...)
[AllAfrica] 27/03/2017

Southern Africa: Burundi Keeps Knocking At SADC's Door
[ISS] The Southern African Development Community (SADC) may not seem such an exclusive club to many of its own citizens. After all, a few of its members - Swaziland and Zimbabwe spring to mind - systematically violate the club's ostensible rules, regarding respect for democracy, the rule of law (...)
[AllAfrica] 27/03/2017

Burundi: 'We Do Not Hope to Be Cured As Long As We Starve'
[Iwacu] About 8,000 people had contracted tuberculosis in Burundi in 2016. More than 4,000 suffered from contagious tuberculosis, said the Minister of Health marking World Tuberculosis Day on 24 March. Hungry sufferers say that their tuberculosis cannot be cured as long as they have nothing to (...)
[AllAfrica] 25/03/2017

Burundi: Burundi Receives U.S.$40 Million for Poorest Households
[Iwacu] The International Development Association (IDA) through the World Bank has provided additional funding of $40 million to Burundi. On 23 March, the Burundi National Assembly approved the distribution of the money transfer to the poorest households in the (...)
[AllAfrica] 25/03/2017

ISS Today: Burundi keeps knocking at SADC’s door
SADC, at least for now, is not opening its door to Burundi and Comoros. By Peter Fabricius for ISS TODAY.
[Daily Maverick] 24/03/2017

Egypt: Burundi joins Afreximbank as participating State
Cairo, Egypt (PANA) - Burundi has acceded to the Agreement for the Establishment of the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), making it a participating state of the continental trade finance bank, the Cairo-based pan-African multilateral financial institution announced on Wednesday. (...)
[Panapress] 22/03/2017

KPC offers 30pc discount to reclaim lost markets in EA
The new tariff for fuel in transit loaded at the Rwanda and Burundi depots, is $41.55 per 1,000 litres, down from $59.32
[East Africa News Post] 22/03/2017

Francophone day: All about sharing language and culture
By Denis Dibele French influence in many African countries especially in West and North Africa is still present to date. The language and culture is evident in countries like DR Congo, Burundi and Guinea that were among the francophone countries that partner in the francophone day at the French (...)
[Kampala Sun] 20/03/2017

Kenyan duo earn Zesco a draw in East Africa
Kenyan duo striker Jesse Jackson Were and defender David Owino were on target in Zesco United’s 2-2 draw with Le Messager le Ngozi of Burundi to qualify to the pre-group stage of the CAF Confederations Cup. The Ndola side went into the second leg tie with a 2-0 goals caution on aggregate and (...)
[ZamFoot] 18/03/2017

Kenyan duo earn Zesco a draw in East Africa
Kenyan duo striker Jesse Jackson Were and defender David Owino were on target in Zesco United’s 2-2 draw with Le Messager le Ngozi of Burundi to qualify to the pre-group stage of the CAF Confederations Cup. The Ndola side went into the second leg tie with a 2-0 goals caution on aggregate and (...)
[Lusaka] 18/03/2017

Zesco eject stubborn Ngozi
Zesco United have through to the 2017 CAF Confederation Cup pre-group stage. Zlatko Krmpotic’s side toiled to finish 2-2 away to Le Messager Ngozi of Burundi on Saturday to secure a 4-2 aggregate win in Bujumbura. All four goals came in the second half that saw Emock Sabumukama put Ngozi 1-0 (...)
[Lusakatimes] 18/03/2017

Saturday Football as it happened
Zambia’s CAF envoys are an action this afternoon with Zanaco hosting George Lwandamina’s Young Africans at Heroes Stadium while Zesco United is away in Burundi. On our Euro Watch, Lubambo Musonda helped his club to a win in Armenia while Rodrick Kabwe scored for Ajax Cape Town on Friday night. (...)
[ZamFoot] 18/03/2017

CCC: Le Messager Ngozi v Zesco United Preview
Saturday’s continental game sees Zesco take on Le Messager Ngozi in the 2017 CAF Confederations Cup 1st round second leg. The Burundian side trail by 2 goals from the first leg which was played at Levy Mwanawasa stadium. Goals from Jackson Mwanza and a rare one from M’tonga were enough to put the (...)
[ZamFoot] 17/03/2017

Deadly floods hit Burundi
At least six people have died in Burundi in a night of torrential rain and flooding that triggered landslides and caused widespread damage.
[East Africa News Post] 17/03/2017

EALA itewe impungenge n'u Burundi budatanga imisanzu muri EAC #Rwanda via @kigalitoday
EALA itewe impungenge n'u Burundi budatanga imisanzu muri EAC #Rwanda via @kigalitoday
Abadepite bo mu nteko ishinga amategeko y'ibihugu by'Afurika y'Iburasirazuba (EALA) batewe impungenge n'igihugu cy'u Burundi kitishyura umwenda gifite. - EAC / Jean d'Amour Ahishakiye
[Kigali Today] 17/03/2017

KCB cancels growth plans as profits falter
The bank now hopes to consolidate its business in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.
[East Africa News Post] 17/03/2017

Zlat names Zesco squad to finish off Ngozi in Burundi
Zesco United coach Zlatko Krmpotic has named an 18 man strong squad for his side’s CAF Confederations Cup first round return match against Le Messager Ngozi of Burundi. Captain Jacob Banda who missed the first leg owing to suspension returns to the squad and is expected to reclaim his position (...)
[ZamFoot] 15/03/2017

AfDB pledges more support for Bujumbura’s integration efforts
AfDB presents report by the Independent Development Evaluation about its financial aid of $739 million to Burundi.
[East Africa News Post] 15/03/2017

700 dead as malaria epidemic hits Burundi
1.8 million infections registered in the country this year.
[East Africa News Post] 15/03/2017

EALA seeks to mend Rwanda, Burundi ties
The EAC needs to intervene to make sure the union remains a community and not just neighbouring countries
[East Africa News Post] 14/03/2017

Burundi: Burundi Declares Malaria Epidemic
[East African] Burundi has declared a malaria epidemic after more than nine million cases were recorded since last year.
[AllAfrica] 14/03/2017

UN: UN Human Rights Council discusses situations in Burundi, other countries
New York, US (PANA) - UN human rights experts have called on the governments to take immediate steps to ensure human rights protection in their respective countries. Society
[Panapress] 14/03/2017

Burundi declares malaria epidemic
More than 3,700 people are reported to have died from the mosquito-borne disease since 2016
[East Africa News Post] 13/03/2017

Gunmen kill two Rwandans, flee to Burundi
Armed men said have ambushed a civilian security patrol group at a health centre.
[East Africa News Post] 13/03/2017

Rwanda: Rwandan Army search for armed men in murder of 2 civilians
Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - The Rwandan Army is hunting members of an unidentified armed group that shot dead two civilians, including a 12-year-old child, in Rusizi, a district in the southwest Rwanda, near the border with Burundi. (...)
[Panapress] 13/03/2017

Rwanda: Two civilians killed by unidentified attackers in southwest Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - At least two civilians were shot dead and another seriously wounded during an attack perpetrated on Saturday night by unidentified assailants near the border with Burundi, the Rwandan army said on Sunday in a statement. (...)
[Panapress] 12/03/2017

Burundi: UN - Authorities Shutting Doors of Engagement on Crisis
[VOA] The United Nations says that nearly two years since the election crisis in Burundi, the country is still at risk of intensifying its problems.
[AllAfrica] 10/03/2017

UN: UN adviser says Burundian authorities reducing engagement with UN
New York, US (PANA) - Nearly two years after the political impasse started in Burundi, national authorities are reducing their engagement and cooperation with the UN system, which risks undermining efforts to find a peaceful resolution to the crisis and cutting assistance to a population in (...)
[Panapress] 09/03/2017

New Burundi opposition leader may not end talks deadlock
Analysts say Bujumbura government may not be convinced to negotiate a political deal.
[East Africa News Post] 09/03/2017

Tanzania: Magufuli appeals for UN support to stabilise Burundi, DRC
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (PANA) - Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli has urged the United Nations to continue its support in bringing about political stability in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Politics
[Panapress] 09/03/2017

Burundi MPs likely to face disciplinary action for snubbing Eala in Kigali
Burundi’s fall out with Rwanda has escalated to the regional legislative assembly with Burundian MPs boycotting sittings in Kigali.
[East Africa News Post] 07/03/2017

East Africa: Burundi Members Snub EALA As Kagame Plays Down Feud
[Citizen] Kigali -President Paul Kagame of Rwanda steered clear of discussing sour relations with neighbouring Burundi yesterday in his address to the East African Legislative Assembly (Eala) even as five lawmakers from Burundi's ruling party boycotted the opening ceremony of the Kigali (...)
[AllAfrica] 07/03/2017

Bye bye Burundi, don’t forget to pack the curtains
It was adopted as an East African child, but it is not a native of the region the way Tanzania is.
[East Africa News Post] 06/03/2017

Burundi: Controversy Over Exhumation of Mass Grave
[Iwacu] On Monday, February 27, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR) officially launched the exhumation of buried bones in mass graves in Mwaro central province. Some people say this is not the right moment to carry out such an activity! Directed by Rénovat Ndabashinze & Agnès Ndirubusa, (...)
[AllAfrica] 06/03/2017

Southern Africa: Burundi, Comoros Apply for Membership to SADC
[East African] Burundi could join Tanzania as a member of the Southern African Development Community, a move that complicates the direction the East Africa Community takes for the remaining phases of integration.
[AllAfrica] 03/03/2017

East Africa: East Africa Struggles with Resolving Crises
[VOA] Few spots on the globe are as troubled as East Africa, where South Sudan is struggling with conflict and famine, Burundi remains stuck in political crisis and Somalia and Kenya are trying to deal with a resurgent al-Shabab. Analysts say ethnic mistrust and weak governments are undermining (...)
[AllAfrica] 01/03/2017

Burundi: Official Launch of Excavation of Bones From Mass Graves in Mwaro Province
[Iwacu] The National Commission for Truth and Reconciliation- CVR has started this 27 February to conduct the excavation of bones piled up in mass graves in Gasenyi locality of Makamba zone in Rusaka Commune of Mwaro Province.
[AllAfrica] 01/03/2017

Mkapa seeks special summit on Burundi talks boycott
Government skipped the dialogue, saying it would not talk to opposition leaders who were present.
[East Africa News Post] 28/02/2017

Burundi to wait longer to join SADC
Bujumbura told to first put house in order before request could be considered.
[East Africa News Post] 27/02/2017

Burundi, Comoros apply for membership to SADC
Bujumbura uneasy with EAC inquest into its politics, EPA deal with Europe, and it mistrusts Rwanda.
[East Africa News Post] 27/02/2017

Lozitha meeting to decide burundi, comoros sadc membership
The country will once again be a hive of activity next month as His Majesty King Mswati III will welcome heads of states to take part in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Extra-Ordinary Summit on March 18.
[Swazi Observer] 25/02/2017

Burundi police chiefs snub regional meet in Kigali
There appears to be no end in sight for the sour diplomatic relation between Rwanda and Burundi.
[East Africa News Post] 23/02/2017

Tanzania demands study on impact of EU trade deal
Dar is seeking views about its concerns over Burundi sanctions.
[East Africa News Post] 23/02/2017

Uganda: Burundi Refugees Refuse to Return Home
[East African] Burundian officials who had travelled to Uganda to persuade their nationals to return home left empty-handed after they were met with a hostile reception.
[AllAfrica] 23/02/2017

Five Burundi MPs to snub EALA session in Kigali
Legislators say they would not attend the plenary in Kigali due to political misunderstandings between the two neighbours.
[East Africa News Post] 22/02/2017

Burundi refugees refuse to return home
Burundian officials who had travelled to Uganda to persuade their nationals to return home left empty-handed after they were met with a hostile reception.
[East Africa News Post] 22/02/2017

Africa: Four Ways in Which the Burundi Crisis Is Far From Over
[African Arguments] The government is calling on its 380,000 refugees to return home, claiming the country is safe. Why does no-one believe them?
[AllAfrica] 22/02/2017 all news from Africa. Africa news & newspapers online
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