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Angola News
Angola News
Africa: Bafana Bafana Draw With Sable Antelopes in Friendly
[ANGOP] Luanda -The Angolan national senior men's football team drew on Tuesday nil-nil with South Africa, in a friendly match played in Buffalo City stadium in Bloefonteim, under the second FIFA date.
[AllAfrica] 29/03/2017

Loading plans indicate Nigeria’s crude oil exports to rise in May
Nigeria’s crude oil exports are set to rise to 1.66 million barrels per day (bpd) in May, according to a loading programme compiled by Reuters on Tuesday. The programme for the month is up from April’s revised loadings and also puts Nigeria just above Angola’s planned exports of 1.61 million bpd (...)
[Energy Mix Report] 28/03/2017

Angola: Isabel Dos Santos and the Right of Reply
[Maka] Isabel dos Santos, self-described 'African billionaire businesswoman' and head of the Angolan national oil company, Sonangol, (appointed by her father, the President of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos) was clearly rattled by the report published here on Maka Angola last week, entitled (...)
[AllAfrica] 28/03/2017

Angola: Floods Kill 11, Cause Widespread Destruction
[Al Jazeera] Eleven people have died and several more are missing after torrential rain hit northern parts of Angola between Tuesday afternoon and Thursday.
[AllAfrica] 25/03/2017

Africa: Angola, Morocco Discuss Bilateral Cooperation
[ANGOP] Luanda -The strengthening of bilateral cooperation in the defense field was high on agenda of Friday audience the Angolan Defence minister João Lourenço granted to Moroccan ambassador to Angola, Saadia el Alaqui in Luanda.
[AllAfrica] 25/03/2017

Angola: A London Law Firm Won't Stop Us Exposing Those Who Swindle Angola
[Maka] My job is to investigate and expose human rights abuses and large-scale corruption in Angola. It's not just my job - I have dedicated my life to this fight for justice in my native land. Inevitably this makes me a target for harassment by the current regime and the judicial system it (...)
[AllAfrica] 24/03/2017

Floods kill 11 in Angola, destroy 700 homes
LUANDA. – Floods in Angola have killed at least eleven people and left thousands homeless after the country was hit by torrential rain, rescuers said yesterday. Over 700 homes were destroyed following the deluge in the coastal north-western Luanda Province which began on Tuesday afternoon and (...)
[The Herald] 23/03/2017

Kwanza agreement to be settled earlier
Kwanza agreement to be settled earlierN$3.8 billion is outstanding The Angolan central bank has agreed to repay outstanding money from its currency-exchange deal with Namibia by June next year. The Namibian central bank and its Angolan counterpart have agreed to shorten the repayment time of (...)
[Namibian Sun] 22/03/2017

Efundja caption
Efundja caption EFUNDJA: Ekuthikuthi etiyali lyefundja ndyoka lya zilile muumbugantu waAngola, olya thiki monooli yaNamibia Osoondaha ya piti na olya etitha omapya gaakwashigwana guudhe omeya oshowo iishana. Ondjele yomeya oya lopotwa ngashiingeyi ngaashi tashi landula: Ompundja oometa 1.33m, (...)
[Namibian Sun] 22/03/2017

Angola: Sonangol's Slush-Fund Salary Payments
[Maka] Concerns over the mal-administration of the Angolan oil giant, Sonangol, continue to multiply, as the country's prime source of foreign income haemorrhages millions of dollars on foreign (mainly Portuguese) 'consultants' close to the President's daughter while defaulting on essential (...)
[AllAfrica] 22/03/2017

Forbes List: 10 Richest Men in Africa in 2017
Forbes recently released a new list of 500 richest men in the world. Here are 10 Africans on the list with the highest net worth: Issad Rebrab (from Algeria, aged 73) $3.1bn Isabel dos Santos (Angola, 43) $3.1bn Naguib Sawiris (Egypt, 62) $3.9 bn Nathan Kirsh (Swaziland, 85) $3.9bn Johann (...)
[Nigerian Bulletin] 21/03/2017

Angola: Stealing With Presidential Decrees
[Maka] When Angola's President decreed in 2012 that the north-western enclave of Cabinda should have a deep-water port, it was heralded as a private sector deal that wouldn't cost the Angolan state a single cent.
[AllAfrica] 20/03/2017

Cattle herder arrested in rape of boy, 2
Cattle herder arrested in rape of boy, 2 KENYA KAMBOWE A 19-year-old man from Angola was arrested on Friday in Oshikoto Region on a charge of raping a two-year-old boy. According to Deputy Commissioner Naomi Katjiua the incident took place last Tuesday at Onashikuvu village near Omuthiya, where (...)
[Namibian Sun] 19/03/2017

Ta ya landitha iihulo kooN$20 mOshikango
Ta ya landitha iihulo kooN$20 mOshikangoOnkalo yaShikango ya dhigupalela aalandithi yiihulo Onkalo yongeshefa mondoolopa yaShikango oya gwa pevi pamwe neliko lyaAngola, naalandithi yiihulo mondoolopa moka okwa lopotwa ya shunitha oondando dhawo pevi omanga yamwe ya tembuka mo. Onkalo yegwopevi (...)
[Namibian Sun] 19/03/2017

Kenya: Rights groups urge Angola to allow women's demo
Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) -The Angolan government must allow protesters to exercise their rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said Friday ahead of a planned demonstration in Luanda for a women’s right to have an abortion. (...)
[Panapress] 17/03/2017

Angola ponders 10 yrs jail for abortion law
ANGOLA's parliament votes next week on a proposal to imprison for up to 10 years women who have abortions and people who perform them, angering the president's daughter and others in the former Portuguese colony. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are urging authorities to allow a (...)
[New Zimbabwe] 17/03/2017

New flood wave possible
New flood wave possibleHeavy rain forecast for Angola Another wave of the seasonal efundja floodwater may reach northern Namibia within days. The meteorological service has forecast heavy rainfall over the south-western parts of Angola this weekend. This may cause serious flooding in northern (...)
[Namibian Sun] 16/03/2017

N$20 sex at Oshikango
N$20 sex at Oshikango Even prostitutes feel the pinch Business at the northern border town has collapsed along with the Angolan economy, and even prostitutes have had to drop their prices or relocate. KENYA KAMBOWE The difficult economic circumstances in Namibia and Angola have turned Oshikango (...)
[Namibian Sun] 16/03/2017

No claim on Angolan land
No claim on Angolan landOukwanyama Traditional Authority disputes allegations The traditional authority has frowned upon reports suggesting that it wants to claim some parts of southern Angola. The Oukwanyama Traditional Authority has dismissed reports that the community wants to claim part of (...)
[Namibian Sun] 16/03/2017

Efundja lya shelelelwa
Efundja lya shelelelwa Omunambelewa gwetengeneko lyondjele yomeya, Leonard Hango, okwa lombwele oNamibian Sun mEtiyali kutya efundja lyonuumvo itali kala enene, kakele ongele kwa lokwa ishewe monooli yaNamibia nenge muumbugantu waAngola. Hango okwa popi ngaaka sha landula sho ekuthikuthi (...)
[Namibian Sun] 16/03/2017

Flooding at Oshikango
By Hileni Nembwaya FLOODWATER from Angola flowing into Oshikango has caused wreckage while leaving many families displaced. The Angolan national department of water reported heavy rains and flooding at Ondjiva on March 8 and 9, and the water in the Cuvelai channel has started rising. Flooding (...)
[Confidénte] 16/03/2017

Angola: Constitutional Challenge to New Media Laws
[Maka] The main Angolan opposition party, UNITA, is launching a legal challenge to the MPLA government's latest attempt to gag criticism of the regime. In a petition to the Constitutional Court, UNITA argues that specific clauses of the MPLA media law are simply unconstitutional and calls on (...)
[AllAfrica] 16/03/2017

Some flood victims at Onamhinda village on the outskirts of Oshikango were stranded Tuesday morning after their homesteads were flooded.
Some flood victims at Onamhinda village on the outskirts of Oshikango were stranded Tuesday morning after their homesteads were flooded. Despite warnings of the floodwater said to be on its way from Angola over the weekend, the Oshikango Town Council appears to have not made provisions if the (...)
[Shipi FM] 15/03/2017

Angola: Portuguese Corruption Trial Snares Angola's Vice President
[Maka] The net is closing around Angola's Vice-President, Manuel Vicente, the former CEO of the country's oil giant Sonangol and a man long accused of being a conduit for the diversion of oil revenues into international business deals linked to the Angolan President, his family and close (...)
[AllAfrica] 14/03/2017

Angola: Musicians Socialize With Inmates to Mark International Women's Day
[ANGOP] Luanda -The musicians Calabeto, Yola Semedo and Lil Saint socialized on Wednesday in Luanda with the inmates of the female prison in Viana, as part of the celebrations of March 8, International Women's Day.
[AllAfrica] 09/03/2017

Angola: Will Historic Election Serve As an Example For Continent?
[ANGOP] Cuito -The governor of the central Bié province, Álvaro Manuel de Boavida Neto, called on voters to demonstrate the spirit of citizenship, civility and democracy in the General Elections scheduled for next August, so that the election can serve as an example for the African (...)
[AllAfrica] 09/03/2017

Angola: Police Dogs Maul Protesters
[CAJ News] Luanda -SCORES have been severely injured as Angolan police unleash crackdowns on protestors demanding credible elections set for the Southern African country in August.
[AllAfrica] 06/03/2017

Angola: General Zé Maria's Spring Clean
[Maka] Although at 74 he is well over retirement age (65) and was expected to be forcibly retired this month, General António José Maria - the Angolan President's most faithful servant for nearly 40 years - is being allowed to remain at the head of the Military Intelligence and Security Service (...)
[AllAfrica] 03/03/2017

- Angola: Police beat, set dogs on peaceful protesters
The Angolan government should urgently and impartially investigate police use of force to disperse a peaceful protest in the capital, Luanda. The police beat activists with batons and injured at least four protesters using police (...)
[IFEX] 02/03/2017

Angola: Police Beat, Set Dogs On Peaceful Protesters
[HRW] Johannesburg -The Angolan government should urgently and impartially investigate police use of force to disperse a peaceful protest in the capital, Luanda. The police beat activists with batons and injured at least four protesters using police (...)
[AllAfrica] 01/03/2017

South Africa: Angolan Businessman, Malawian Prophet Bushiri in Verbal War
[Nyasa Times] Shocking evidence continue to emerge on how Angolan businessperson based in South Africa has been spending sleepless nights to extort at least R2 000 000 (K110 000 000 million) from billionaire Prophet Shepherd (...)
[AllAfrica] 24/02/2017

Angola: Minister Plays Down Controversy Over Abortion
[ANGOP] Luanda -The Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Rui Mangueira, said on Thursday in Luanda that the issue of abortion in the bill that approves the Penal Code should not be fracturing because the text guarantees, in fact, the right to (...)
[AllAfrica] 24/02/2017

Angola: Opposition Calls for Referendum On Abortion
[ANGOP] Luanda -Angolan opposition parliamentary groups on Thursday underscored the relevance of the draft law approved by the General Penal Code, but UNITA considered it essential to hold a referendum on a better integration of issues related (...)
[AllAfrica] 24/02/2017

Chevron, Angola government in tax, investment talks
US energy company Chevron is in talks with the Angolan government and state oil firm Sonangol to revise tax terms and any future investment will hinge on those talks, a senior company official was quoted as saying on Wednesday.
[Africa Report] 22/02/2017

Angola: Angola Prepares for Life After Dos Santos
[Chatham House] Angola is following a pattern of gradual democratization but those hoping for rapid and or even radical political change will be disappointed.
[AllAfrica] 21/02/2017

Angola: Dos Santos' Successor Says Ruling Party Braces for 2017 Polls
[ANGOP] Luanda -The ruling MPLA party's candidate for President of the Republic, João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço, Friday in Huila reaffirmed his party's readiness for the 2017 General Elections.
[AllAfrica] 18/02/2017

UN: WHO says Angola, DRC successfully controlled yellow fever outbreak
New York, US (PANA) - The World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday said Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have successfully controlled one of the world’s largest and most challenging outbreaks of yellow fever. (...)
[Panapress] 15/02/2017

Angola: Hundreds Killed in Malaria Outbreak
[CAJ News] Luanda -A raging malaria outbreak has killed more than 700 people in Angola as the disease-prone Southern African country battles to thwart illnesses. Head of department of public health and control of endemics, Isaías Sambunga Cambissa, disclosed the figures as he gave an update on (...)
[AllAfrica] 15/02/2017

Jarmann gets new challenger
ANTHONY Jarmann on Tuesday expressed relief after news that he will finally be defending his WBA Pan African title next month to end a frustrating lengthy spell of inactivity. Jarmann, who last fought in May 2016 when he beat Christiano Ndombassy of Angola to capture the title, will face South (...)
[Shipi FM] 15/02/2017

Angola’s president orders inquiry into stadium stampede that killed 17
LUANDA (Reuters) – Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos has ordered an investigation into the cause of a stampede at a football match in which at least 17 people were killed. Scores of people were [...]
[The Zimbabwe Mail] 11/02/2017

Angola: Ruling Party Ready to Win Elections
[ANGOP] Luanda -The ruling MPLA party has conditions to continue to mobilise the Angolan people across the country to participate in the process and secure its victory in the 2017 polls.
[AllAfrica] 11/02/2017

Angola: Seventeen Killed in Stadium Stampede
[Al Jazeera] At least 17 football fans were killed after a stampede broke out at a stadium in northern Angola, police said, in an incident that also left scores of people wounded.
[AllAfrica] 11/02/2017

Angola opens probe on Stadium tragedy
Angola’s President Jose Eduardo dos Santos has ordered investigation into football stadium stampede that killed 17 people on Friday. The President released a statement stating that he expresses his solidarity with the families of the victims and that he has “instructed the Provincial Government (...)
[The Nation] 11/02/2017

Angola: Football Fans Die in Stadium Stampede
[East African] Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos has ordered an immediate inquiry into a stadium stampede that left at least 17 people dead in Uige Province.
[AllAfrica] 11/02/2017

Angolan president orders stadium stampede probe
At least 17 dead, hundreds injured in Uige Province
[East Africa News Post] 11/02/2017

Angola: Deadly Disease Combination Claims Thousands
[CAJ News] Luanda -RAGING yellow fever and malaria outbreaks claimed more than 15 000 lives in Angola over the past year. Speaking in the capital Luanda, the health minister, Luís Gomes Sambo, disclosed there were with 4,2 million cases of malaria, leading to the death of 15 000 people. Coupled (...)
[AllAfrica] 10/02/2017

Kenya: Nigeria, SA get byes to 2018 CHAN qualifiers second round
Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) - South Africa, Angola, Nigeria and Cote d'Ivoire are among the countries that got byes to the CAF Total 2018 CHAN Championships qualifiers. Sports
[Panapress] 07/02/2017

OvaKwanyama Martha Mwadinomho pays respect to Kind Mandume
The group of delegates, in the company of Meeku­lu Ohamba yOvaKwanyama Martha Mwadinomho Kristian yaNelumbu departed from Omhedi palace for Angola for the laying of the wreath at Oihole, Cunene Province, Angola yesterday. .KING Mandume Ndeulikufa Ndemufayo, the last independ­ent ruler of the (...)
[Shipi FM] 07/02/2017

Angola: Quantum Global named best investment firm 2016
African focused investment firm Quantum Global Group were announced as the winners of the Global Banking and Finance Review award for Best Investment Company Angola 2016. The award, which recognises excellence globally within the financial community, operates a strict assessment criterion measuring investment...
[The African Business Fortune] 07/02/2017

Angola: Govt Looks to Restructure Early Childhood Education
[ANGOP] Luanda -Angolan Government said it wants to conduct a deep restructuring process of early childhood education actions, due to the challenges facing children under five years of age.
[AllAfrica] 07/02/2017 all news from Africa. Africa news & newspapers online
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